Silver Lining

The tears that dried on her already pale face is not for the love she still harbors nor the pain she thought would always be past bearing.
Her tears, surprisingly conjured of flame, of hatred, of numbness, of misery she couldn't escape.
And of lucid dreams and fairy tales, she longed like a wild child no more.
She walked bare foot in the dark only to turn light on to an image she does not recognize, an image that scared her, an image she prayed would stop staring back at her.
Her prayers were far answered. She choked of pleas unheard. Her reasons outnumbered, by the lies that almost tore her.
A whispered voice echoed in her head,
“No, your story will not end in the desperation it started with. My love, remain a student of life, a believer in endless wonderful beginnings. You will walk with faith in your shoulders again. With the braveness that broken love taught you and the real one that made it all worth going against.”
This wide-eyed girl will cry more tears through and through the deafening silence of her darker days and nights.
Pray, one day soon, she'll awoke much like her old self again.