From Vigan to Pagudpud

We just had to be so cam-whorish, this was a tricycle ride by the way.

Believe when I say, this is candid. 3-hour bus ride from Ilocos Sur to Norte.

Wish you were here. ( to be my photographer. haha!)

I just couldn't wait for the sun to yield. 2pm dip, no tan though just pure darkness LOL!

The food was a C, but all the same to people who barely had a drink in their bellies.

Yup! Full here. yeah, here. haha!

Kuya (someone) took this shot for me. Katrina was so busy with her "habibi" tattoo

famous shot.

Another nice candid for me. :))

playing the role of a doting girlfriend. (don't get me wrong, he thinks me the best! haha)

Banggi, Bong Bong Marcos' "wind energy"

KC: Wait, wait! I have to pose for the camera! 

Katrina: You're such a dork! haha (This girl loves me!)

P.S. I didnt bother hiding ze flabs anymore and screw all the fun. Yikes!

It was a tiring bus ride to Pagudpud and our breakfast wasn't that stuffed for our trip.

Lunchtime it was, when we got off that I-thought-it-doesn't-run non-air-conditioned bus.

Allergic to henna tattoo, so I passed. Katrina had two though, it was cute.

The beach is soooooo beautiful.

It's clean and not crowded.

Not too many things to do though, but the beach was a party with me.

No tan lines for me. Sunblock lotion, you're my mortal enemy.

We saw the famous wind turbines on the way and just had to get ourselves some pictures.

It was fun.

Katrina and Kriska are back again.

Spontaneous detours, just like in highschool.

Habibi, lovey, half sis, you are incomparable. Love you to bits. Bisous!