15 years of familiarity

Mariane, although you tripled your skinny ass after having Thirdy, you still stooge quite the same and never fail to give us good fart-worthy-laughs. But honey, I'd really want to see you not looking halfway from labor pains! Haha! You still are one of the prettiest I know.

Liza, I'm in awe with how you wangle to stay in that so-grade10-shape! Seriously, drugs is never good for anyone! You're becoming more and more beautiful as you mature.

Yuyu, baby you are sooo sexy. I love how you strut that sexy Hard Rock Cafe shirt showing off the tatt. It's your birthday! And I'm very content to see a genuine smile on that pretty face.

I love you girls.

You will forever be the best clique!

Kisses :*