what tickles your fancy

The days in my recent past are amongst the many that I'm to forget in the months I can count in one hand. Yes, the friends I frolic with kept those days from always becoming the worst. My everyday eight-to-five is not applaudable however it's in on something I can't complain about. I can't be more enthusiastic with the points I get from lectures I should have learned many years back, still I am determined. My family is still full-geared on becoming well-put-together, or at least my mother's resolute undertaking.

My mind is going blank. As I write this, I am void of anything to amuse anyone, even myself.

I am a routine. And it's tiring. My weight is becoming manageable, yes! That I am happy about.

Tomorrow, my sky wont be so cloudy. Maybe I'd be on to something that tickles my fancy. I cant wait to sleep tonight.