self interlocution

The cloistered burgeoning political chic is surfacing come everyday. It's a perfect U-turn from the fashion magazine posse whom I hold dearly in my heart. I challenge myself each day, learning, elated with improvement. From rhetoric politicians to I-badly-need-a-speech-pathologist prexy hopeful(s). From highly budgeted infomercials to celebrity-political aspirants. From obsequious tongue slashing rants between the majority and minority to shocking party revelations, I dig from it all. I'm in awe with the great team I work with. Geesh! Heels and newspapers are a fancy pair!

I don't get rich with what I do, most days it's unglamorous. A-OK with me. I'm all for fooooood and the dorky stuff I feed my cerebrum each day.

*Giggling, eyes rolling,she's just blabbering and not making sense*