Agglomeration of upleasantries

Who is she? Ma. Kriska Concepcion Villa, 24 years old. If you said my first and second name with transcendent articulation then you are, give or take, worth reading this nonsense. Okay. I'm exaggerating. Raised in Manila sunshine and typhoon winds by a typical conservative Filipino family. My family is a complete chaos. My parents ended their secretly disastrous marriage in 1999. Used to be the eldest of three siblings --of the same progenitor but that doesn't seem to apply anymore. Last I checked, there's one for each of my parents (unconfirmed rumor with my dad. which reminds me!), which makes me the eldest of five. Ugh. I am still struggling . Fighting each battle with my favorite pen and paper. I'm a complete Topsy turvey. I'm afraid I can brag more about my newest vintage peep-toes. Don't fret, I WILL NOT start enumerating the unhealthy entirety of my boring life. It has been a whirlwind roller coaster ride. I started teaching again. Tiring and countless hours of talking. It's fun! Plus, I'm a magazine girl now. Not tiring at all and double the fun! What with all things I go gaga over which by the way I only used to see in this very magazine I am now writing for!! How cool is that?! Now, about my ramblings. The things that I write here holds true to me, and resonates to my mundane yet blissful life. I am, still, a work in progress and nothing i put today is absolute. It may or may not change depending on how this crazed world changes me. I give my opinions on a lot of things, which may echo disagreements. I am open to that, but I hope not maliciously. I love writing. It soliloquizely speaks for me. (yeah! Trust me, I had to learn the word.) 

"The best things in life are free. The second best expensive!" --Coco Chanel 

xoxo, Kriska